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The nature of being

By learning to let go of what arises in your mind you can see the true peace and beauty of life. 

Realise that everything is as it should be and you don't have to go anywhere and do anything.

You have already come.

You are here.


Teacher of yoga and meditation

photo_2021-04-01 17.54.57.jpeg

Vinyasa and restorative yoga
(private class) 


Healing massage with traditional mexican shawl woven (private session)


Mindfulness meditation class

photo_2021-02-08 12.49.28.jpeg

About me

Yoga for me is one of the tools to calm and awaken the mind. Practicing for 8 years, I began to consider the breath and body as a combination of elements that can lead to self-knowledge, the comprehension of my true nature.


I studied in India at the Alliance International School as an Ashtanga and Hatha teacher. Then I continued studies in Buddhist meditation at the school of Mingyur Rinpoche. I lived in Thailand and organised many retreats.

Today I teach vinyasa yoga and meditation, do vipassana every year in Asia.

I try to share my experience, serve others and do it with a pure heart.

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