Rebozo massage is a gentle massage that relaxes and balances the lower back and pelvic areas, increases the natural flow of the body, and strenghtens bonding and attachment.


For whom

1. To all who would like to study their mind and body.

2. Get rid of headaches, spasms in the lower back and the whole body.

3. Get out of a state of stress and uncertainty, begin to feel your body and be in harmony with yourself and the world.

4. Recover from injuries and illnesses.

5. Improve the quality of sleep and life.

6. Allow the body to rest and restart, and the head to calm down and learn to throw away what is not needed.

The session lasts an hour, 45 minutes of massage and 15 minutes of meditation, in which I lead with my voice. It is also possible to consider just an hour of massage without meditation.

Suitable for absolutely all women, men of any age and physique.

There are no contraindications. (Initially, this technique was developed by Mexican doulas, who conducted pregnancy, used a scarf to relieve pelvic spasms and help the child find the optimal position).

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